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Premium Managing Agent Membership
This is a 12-month membership
This membership includes 12 member slot(s)

By joining ARC, you will find a friendly, accessible organisation which is the ideal forum to develop relationships, increase your knowledge and help shape the future of the nation's residential communities.

This Membership is for Managing Agent Companies who operate Nationally

You will also have the opportunity to provide ARC and the industry with education, best practice documents, publications and ongoing consultation to ARC and its members. We commit to providing the following benefits and opportunities to access our Members and the Industry at large:

  • A Featured Listing of your company on our Member Directory, publicly visible on our Community Engagement Solution and Public Website
  • Providing selected representatives of your company the opportunity to digitally engage, directly with Estate Members and Business Partners through discussion threads, one-on-one chats etc.
  • Providing your company the opportunity to publish articles, best-practice documents, marketing campaigns etc. either in our Quarterly Newsletter, via Campaigns distributed by ARC or directly to Estate Members via our Community Engagement Solution
  • Providing your company the opportunity to attend and/or present at our quarterly, regional Chapter Meetings
  • Facilitating introductions with Estate Members - ensuring that we understand your business and your strategy
  • Providing your company the opportunity to be positioned as experts in the field, by directing relevant Estate Member queries your way

By joining ARC today through a Managing Agent Membership you will be able to:

  • Form part of a regional chapter where you can network with communities in your region.
  • Access and download a comprehensive set of tools and templates and best practice documents.
  • Have the opportunity to attend the national industry conference and workshops to learn from national and international industry experts on topics of particular importance to residential communities.
  • Have access to critical national and international data and industry related information and activities via regular publications and the website.
  • Gain member access to the website ( and membership engagement software where a total suite of data, publications, tips, resources and national news is available, as well as engage with other members and business partners
  • Access to our panel of experts in various fields
  • Access to our helpline to address day-to-day queries and challenges faced by estate management, which will either be put to our panel of experts or sent out to other member communities for their input.
  • Access to our business partners who offer their expertise, products and services to your communities

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